Off The Wire

by my Grandpa.



Since I'm retiring my Gizmopunk moniker and starting a new multi-media project called ÆTHER ÎNVADER - - I figured I'd pay homage to my roots and show y'all where I'm from, "Aaahaaa"! This will be the last Gizmopunk post but don't worry your little head about it, I'm on to greener pastures.

So without further adieu, I hope you all can dig the old 1940's Hawaiian sounding steel that my grandpa Billy "Steel" has blessed down to all of us. Thanks for the tunes and the guitar shredding genes, Grampa!

A Brief History:
My last memory of Good Ol' Gramps was in the late 1980's. Billy was lying in a bed in the hospital about a month away from the big trip outta' here. I watched, as my uncle (also named Billy) cleverly snuck a six'er of Bud Light past the nurses for him. Since Grampa was too grumpy to talk otherwise, my Mother waited for him to get a few good sips in... She wanted him to say a nice hello and farewell seein' how I never knew him much growing up. Grampa took a few more sips and tried to remember who I was. I can't remember if he did or if he didn't, but he seemed much happier once the booze kicked in. We left shortly after.

Further reading:
Rumor has it "Billy Steel" wrote "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again", selling it to Elvis Presley (before he was the King) on the outskirts of Oklahoma City in the '50s for $100 [not confirmed]. Billy also played alongside Bob Wills on this compilation album. The introduction from my grandma is swift so listen close! This must have been when Bob was "Bob Wills and His Oklahomans" [not confirmed]. By the way, lots of these tunes that Billy covers are old standards and public domain, so don't razz me about copyright.

Whelp, there sure is a lot more sleuthing to do regarding Billy, his music and his homemade guitars with Las Vegas dice laid in the wood finish. It's especially difficult when you're dealing with such a hazy old history in a time, many things didn't get properly documented. I'd better go grab a beer before I hit the storage shed again...

Please feel free to do your own detective work and give it a good listen. Tell me what YOU think the truth is about Blue Moons and Trianon Ballrooms ;). Enjoy!


released July 7, 1941

Special thanks to ma big sis', Tracy Klas for retrieving and restoring the wire recordings, wax records and dice laid guitars! Also a shout out to my incredibly gifted Mother for living through the rough times and passing down the torch of talent.

Artwork by yours truly. Tracy did some really nice art too but I didn't have a digital copy and there was a typo hehe. I'll post some pictures per each song when the family gets them out of storage. Cheers!




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